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Referral Manager  
Sample Transfer Agreement

Sponsor XYZ Pharma
Protocol Number XYZ1234
PPD Study Code X01
STA Version 1     14-Feb-2008

PPD Lab Global
PPD Project Manager GCL-US: Andy Handy, +1 859 781 8800 ext 111,
GCL-EU: Christophe Watkins, +32 2 416 40 11,
Assay Serum MP
Referral Lab ABC Labs
Visits to be Shipped Visit 1, Visit 2, Visit 3
Frequency of Shipments Monthly
Estimated First Shipment 01-Apr-2008

Sample Management Department
Electronic File Transmission
Electronic File Type
Electronic File Content
Protocol Number
Sample ID (Accession Number)
Randomization Number
Subject Initials
Date of Birth
Collection Date
Collection Time
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